The CGGE Global Economy module examines the geographic characteristics of the global economy and the processes linking economic activities at local, regional, and global scales. The conceptual framework introduces some of the theories and ideas used by geographers to analyze the production and consumption of goods and services in a global market, emphasizing concepts such as scale, globalization, and global value chains. Each case study explores a geographic question about the global economy in the context of a particular region or country. The module's collaborative projects offer opportunities for students to discuss the case studies and engage in geographic learning with students in different countries.

The CGGE Global Economy module's collaborative projects are designed to connect geography classes in different countries for online learning and are adaptable to a wide range of learning contexts. Click here to download the PDF file of collaborative projects. If you wish to find a collaborator in a different region or country, you will first need to register your collaboration (no charge) with the AAG.

Suggested citation: Solem, M., Klein, P., Muñiz-Solari, O., and Ray, W., eds. (2010). Global Economy: A module for the AAG Center for Global Geography Education. Available at: